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Plastics. The advantages.

Plastic is an ideal replacement for metal, glass or wood. Most things can be made in plastics – just look at the variety of components used in a car alone. The high quality of precision plastics makes the production of durable components within the engineering, electrical and automotive industries an easier and more cost-effective task.

Durability: Plastic products generally have a long life span with superior resistance to breaking and denting. They are hygienic and easily cleaned.

Lightweight: Being strong yet lightweight translates into efficiencies in production and transportation.

Versatility: With an injection moulding tool you get huge easily repeatable production runs compared to engineering one-offs with steel or metal. Colouring and finishing cna also be changed easily.

Cost-effective: More expensive materials can now be replaced with plastics that have exactly the same dimensional and tolerance qualities. This can mean massive reductions in cost.

Environmental: Most plastics products are recyclable with the potential to be re-used with other plastic in other application.

Injection moulding is well suited to applications requiring a new pieces to billions of pieces. If you are investigating an application for your product – wherever you are in the world ASK SIMAPLAS FIRST.